"Imagine a HUGE GOB of remarkable artistic talent squeezed into a zip-lock bag, and that bag then compressed even further until the only possible outcome is a most excellent energetic explosion of creative spewage."

- The Ryder, December 2008

"There's nothing grander than a mind-bending rip through some sonic twister or dramatic labyrinth of emotional complexity."

- The Ryder February 2010

"Powerful DeProfundis" - "An Exquisitly Atmospheric Concert"

- Herald Times, December 2008

"Doerries had the ensemble singing to every dramatic point."

- Peter Jacobi, Herald Times - Bloomington, IN 13 April 2010

"He’s no ordinary musician. Mark has the type of creative mind that looks toward the future—constantly searching, experimenting, and creating projects that bring together his many interests."

- Meet a Musician February 2010